Visiting Researchers

As a Carnegie Tier One research university, the University of North Texas takes great pride in the partnerships and research collaborations we have built with universities and organizations worldwide. UNT is a place where people from every culture and background come together to advance global knowledge.

Part of our collaborations involve visiting scholars. Every year, UNT welcomes 150 to 200 visiting researchers who work with faculty hosts to engage in research collaborations. We are committed to fostering international collaborative partnerships while promoting full transparency about our relationships.

You may be aware of the recent decision to suspend UNT’s hosting of scholars funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council. This decision is limited to 15 visiting researchers funded by this particular organization, and the decision does not impact any student enrolled and studying at the university, nor any visiting scholar funded by other sources.

We have taken this action based upon specific and credible information following detailed briefings from federal and local law enforcement. Due to the sensitive nature of this situation, I hope you understand why we are not allowed to share additional information at this time.