COVID-19 Update: Communication with Students

March 14, 2020 — I know that each of you cares for our students and many of them are reaching out to you asking about the status of their classes. The university plans to issue a communication to every student on Thursday March 19th with the details about their entire schedule. 

It is critical that you not respond with the plans for your specific class at this time. This is causing significant confusion among students who are hearing conflicting information. Our students need us to be in sync as best we can. As one student stated: “I have gotten multiple emails from my professors all saying different things. Can we please work on streamlining communication? I get this is a confusing time but please try to send out clear information to students…”

I am asking for your help at this critical time. If students inquire, please respond by stating "You will receive an email on Thursday, March 19, at your UNT email address with information about all of your classes. I appreciate your patience while everyone works together on a plan for the continuation of your education."

As a reminder:

  1. In-person classes do not meet next week, nor should there be any assignments in these classes due between March 16-22. Faculty may offer optional sessions to help you and the student familiarize yourself with an alternative delivery format.
  2. Only currently fully online classes and field experiences should continue with instruction next week, March 16-22.
  3. The plan for your courses should be submitted to your department chair by Noon on Monday.
  4. All plans will be reviewed and your department chair will communicate when your plan for alternative instruction has been approved.
  5. You will receive instructions next week on the timing of when you should communicate with your students. 
  6. Please do not post a revised syllabus until after your plan for instruction has been approved. 

I know this is a challenging time for all of us. Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and efforts as we make this difficult transition.