COVID-19 Update: 4/2/20

Thanks to Dr. Craig Neumann, Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology, who participated in the UNT OLLI recording on How to Use Mindfulness To Be More Resilient during this global health crisis – a skill we can all benefit from in these difficult times.

  1. A Pass/No Pass option will be available to undergraduate students for the Spring 2020 semester. Students will have the option of electing to receive a letter grade OR Pass/No Pass after viewing their grade at the end of the semester through 5 p.m. Thursday, May 14. Students who opt for Pass/No Pass will not have this course grade count in their GPA. Learn more about the Pass/No Pass option guidance for students and guidance for faculty.
    • For Faculty: Students earning a grade of D or F will have a grade of NP entered by a faculty member, unless a student notifies their instructor otherwise before grading. Students earning grades A-C will have these letter grades posted to their record at the time of grading. Please encourage your students to consult with their advisor prior to make grade elections. This is especially important for those students not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, receiving Veteran benefits and International students.
    • For Advisors: There are a range of implications for students who may opt for Pass/No Pass and it is important that students be counseled regarding potential implications. A separate communication will be sent to you regarding how to support students in making a decision.
  2. Note that while Pass/No Pass does not apply to graduate students, each graduate program is asked to provide flexibility as appropriate to their program, such as waiving limits on the number of Cs a student can receive.
  3. As faculty prepare for final exams, CLEAR is ready to provide assistance including assisting with loading exams and instruction on how to setup exam proctoring. Learn more at
  4. Given the uncertainty around how long COVID-19 will impact delivery of instruction, we are planning for summer courses to be delivered through remote delivery for May session, Summer 1 and full Summer courses (Summer 2 remains available for in-person courses but is subject to change). CLEAR will be providing support to faculty who need assistance in transitioning courses and will be reaching out in the coming days to faculty teaching this summer.
  5. As I previously reported, SPOT scores for this semester will not be used in annual evaluations and P&T processes. Additionally, SPOT scores for this semester will not be publicly posted.

I am hearing great appreciation from our students as they engage in virtual student services. Whether it be advising, co-curricular activities or student organization meetings. This past week, I dropped into UNT International’s “Talk About It Tuesday: Persia” event and saw how much it meant to our students to have the opportunity to come together virtually. Thank you for everything that each of you is doing to help our students stay connected to our UNT community.