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Dear Faculty,

Welcome to the start of a new academic year. In case you haven’t heard, our mantra for 2013-2014 is Succeed at UNT. Although this campaign was developed to help students learn valuable skills that they can use to be academically successful, I think this mantra applies to faculty as well. This newsletter offers opportunities for you to enhance your own professional development as well as contribute to the success of the 36,000+ students who will arrive on campus in just a few days. Here are just a few ideas to jumpstart your semester.

  • Reinforce the Succeed at UNT Campaign
    Student success and faculty success are inextricably linked. Our hope is that you, the faculty, will reinforce the simple messages from the Succeed at UNT website during your first class meeting with students, incorporate the simple statements in your course syllabi, and most importantly, embed supportive practices in your teaching pedagogy. If we speak with a collective voice, the expectations for students will inherently become a part of the UNT culture. Read Faculty Tips for ideas of how you can reinforce the Succeed at UNT campaign.
  • Attend New Student Convocation
    New Student Convocation will be held Tuesday, August 27th from 4-5 p.m. in the UNT Coliseum. This event welcomes our first-year and transfer students to campus and sets the tone for academic life at UNT. Faculty presence at Convocation symbolizes the centrality of scholarship to the university experience, and your attendance demonstrates your commitment to our first-year and transfer students. Meet in the Press Room (Lower Level of the Coliseum) at 3:30 p.m. in full regalia.
  • Meet and Greet New Students at the Mean Green Fling 
    Immediately following New Student Convocation on August 27th, join thousands of students on the “The Hill” at Apogee Stadium for live entertainment and free food. This is a great opportunity to begin connecting with the newest members of the UNT community.
  • Serve as a Panel Member on the 'Ask-a-Professor' Panel 
    We need faculty volunteers to serve on the 'Ask-a-Professor' panel on Tuesday, August 27 at 10:00 a.m. in Wooten Hall 122. This panel discussion will offer insight to our incoming students on how to be successful in the classroom. Contact Eddie Meaders at if you are willing and available.  
  • Nominate An Outstanding Student for a Nationally Competitive Scholarship
    The Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships continues to identify opportunities for our top student scholars. However, we need your help in identifying qualified students and promoting these scholarships to students. Dr. Jim Duban, Director of the Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarhips, has assembled the next round of postings. Check out the most recent list of Nationally Competitive Scholarships for students.  For additional information, contact Dr. Jim Duban at   
  • Energize Your Teaching 
    Learn about best practices in instruction from UNT master teachers at the annual Teaching Excellence Seminar scheduled for August 26, 2013 in the Gateway Center. Topics include: managing your classroom, providing ongoing feedback to your students, working with students in small groups, grading assignments, making your class engaging, and building and maintaining credibility with your students, to name a few. This seminar is particularly helpful for new faculty members. Registration is required. 

Important Dates

August 27

New Student Convocation

August 28

First Day of Classes

September 2

Labor Day- No Classes

September 4

Upload UG Course Syllabi to Faculty Profile

November 18 – December 8

SETE Administration

November 28 – December 1

Thanksgiving Holiday- No Classes

December 6

Reading Day- No Classes

December 7 - 13

Final Exams

December 13 -14


December 23 - January 1, 2014

Winter Break

Syllabus Green check markChecklist

 Green check markReinforce the Succeed at UNT campaign in your syllabus. Show up. Find support. Take control. Be prepared. Get involved. Be persistent.

Green check markInclude a statement in your syllabus about the importance of student feedback and the dates for the SETE administration (November 18 – December 8).

 Teaching Excellence Handbook

The 2013-14 Teaching Excellence Handbook is a helpful resource for all faculty who are responsible for instructional activities at UNT. In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled important university information and helpful tips that will assist you in carrying out your teaching responsibilities. Whether you are a first time Lecturer or an experienced Full Professor, we hope that this handbook provides the answers to your questions.  



Mexico flagFaculty Abroad Seminar

Are you interested in developing a study abroad program?  Do you want to engage in international research collaborations? If so, you should consider the 2014 Faculty Abroad Seminar in Mexico—an international experience created just for faculty. This 10-day professional development seminar will be held in Mexico from May 16-25 and is organized by the Office of the Provost, the Office for Faculty Success, and UNT-International. The deadline to submit a proposal is September 23, 2013. Click here for additional information on eligibility requirements and proposal instructions.  

Promotion and Tenure Workshop with Provost Burggren

All probationary, tenure-track faculty and associate professors seeking tenure and promotion are encouraged to attend one of the three informal Q & A sessions scheduled with Provost Burggren this academic year. Unit administrators and support staff who assist in the process also are strongly encouraged to attend. This month's workshop is scheduled for September 17, 2013 (10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., Chestnut 120 A & B).

Beloit College Mindset List Coming to UNT this September

Ron Nief (left) and Tom McBride

Did you know that our entering college freshmen have only known two presidents and that having a chat has never involved talking? For the last 15 years, the Beloit College Mindset List has provided a glimpse into the 'cultural touchstones' that impact the lives of students entering campus each fall. 

Please join the campus community on September 18, 2013 to learn more about our incoming class from Drs. Ron Nief and Tom McBride. The open forum is scheduled from 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. in Matthews Hall 311. Check out the Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2017. Space is limited so register now.

Academic Leader’s Corner

Rick Smith, Chair, Behavior AnalysisBuilding, strengthening, and sustaining UNT's administrative leadership is an important part of the work that we do in the Provost Office. Upcoming events are listed below:

Chair Academy  
September 4, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m., BLB 140
    -Dave McEntire, Director of Summer Session
Academic Leadership Workshop 
September 18, 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Gateway 43/47
    -Tom McBride & Ron Nief, Beloit College 

    -Peter Johnstone, Ph.D., Professor, Criminal Justice
    -Warren Burggren, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
    -Dave McEntire, Director of Summer Session
    -URCM, Succeed at UNT

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