Translating Equity-Minded Principles to Workload Reform: All UNT Faculty Workshop

Building from principles shared in her campus-wide talk on February 16, Dr. O'Meara will guide department and college leaders through an audit that helps them see areas to strengthen their policies, systems and routine practices with equity in mind. Participants will:

  • increase awareness of particular actions participants can take to foster more equitable workload systems
  • increase participant interest and motivation to take action to foster more equitable workload systems
  • leave with concrete examples and resources useful to designing equitable systems

Attendance will count for ABCA credit

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Please review these items prior to coming to these workshops:
Equity-Minded Faculty Workloads: What We Can and Should Do Now
Department Conditions and Practices Associated with Faculty Workload Satisfaction and Perceptions of Equity 
Undoing disparities in faculty workloads: A randomized trial experiment 
Gendered and Racialized Perceptions of Faculty Workloads
How can departments foster fair and equitable faculty workloads (video) 

Date: 02/17/23
Time: 1:30pm
Location: Gateway Ballroom 34
Contact: Faculty Success
Phone: 940-565-3987