Counselor Consultation Hour

Counseling and Testing Services will be offering Counselor Consultation Hour for faculty and staff starting on September 1, 2022. It will be held in the Faculty Lounge every other Thursday from 11am - 12pm. There will also be a virtual time held on Wednesdays from 3 - 4pm over Zoom. 

You also requested a list of presentations and trainings we can offer.  Here is a list of some options that may appeal to faculty: 

  • Assisting Students in Distress
  • Trauma Informed Classrooms  
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Overview of Counseling and Testing Services 
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Building Emotional Health and Resilience 
  • Mental Health Among Various Identities 
  • Stress Management/Coping with Anxiety  
  • Mindfulness 
  • Self-Care 
  • Positive Psychology/Gratitude/Strengths 
  • Specific Needs of Your Group

Date: 09/01/22
Time: 11:00am
Location: Faculty Lounge, Union
Contact: Marilyn Parrish
Phone: 940-565-2741