Climate Survey - Promotion


Within all groups, most faculty members believe achieving the rank of full professor is very important.  For the questions in this section, full professors looked back on their own promotion, but the other groups looked forward to their next promotion.  Most assistant professors indicate the requirements for promotion to associate professor are clear and they receive helpful advice from their department.  An overwhelming majority indicate it is likely or very likely that they will be promoted to associate professor.  Ideally, averages between 3 and 4 would indicate UNT was doing a good job for assistant professors’ progress toward tenure and promotion, but most scores were near or below 3.  This suggests the need for improving the type, quantity and consistency of advice, clarity and transparency of requirements, mentoring and perceived fairness of the process.   

Associate professors hold less favorable views on measures related to promotion.  Most associate professors report that it is difficult to know what to do to become a full professor and perceive the requirements for promotion are unclear and the process is unfair.  Among full professors looking back on their promotion, males had believed themselves to be ready for promotion more so than females.  Other factors that influenced their decision to apply for promotion to full were colleagues’ opinions and the need for a better salary.