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Student Success

Dear Faculty and Staff,  

With students back on campus, we are in a unique position to guide them to work toward success. Students see faculty as the most trusted academic achievement resource they have, partnering with them in this process. Today I want to provide you with a few ways to make a difference for student progress this semester. 

Welcome to a new year and a new semester

Friday, Jan. 20, 2023
Greetings Colleagues,

Welcome to a new year and a new semester! I hope the holiday time was both restful and restorative for you. The new semester is here, and it surely will be replete with both wonderful opportunities and vexing challenges. It is an exciting time at UNT and in higher education generally. It may be helpful if I share with you some of the discussions that we’ll be continuing in the coming months. I invite you to share with me and with your local leadership any thoughts you might have on any of these topics.

Fall 2022 Welcome Message from the Provost

Dear Faculty and Academic Staff, 

Welcome back! I am sure you are as excited and energized as I am about this new academic year. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere on a university campus at the beginning of a new year. As exciting a time as this is for us all, it can be stressful for our newest students, staff, and faculty members. Please keep an eye out for these community members and help them find their ways (both literally and figuratively)! 

Much has happened since last year, and I have a few items you may want to know about.