Curated Course Materials (OER+)

Curated Course materials (OER+) blend open educational resources (OER) and learning technologies together to deliver assignments, quizzes, and learning analytics in Canvas. Using learning technology helps students learn the material while also assisting faculty in adapting to meet their students where they are in the learning process. Faculty can use learning analytics to alter assignments, spend more time in a certain area based on student comprehension, and compare with other courses to learn what curricular design helps students succeed in the course. 

Below are some examples of companies that offer curated course materials that emphasize student success through affordability and accessibility. Curated OER (OER+) are significantly reduced in price, which allow students to engage with essential materials from the start of the term. Price of materials range depending on the type of curated OER (OER+) is selected. For example, some companies offer OER textbooks at no cost for students but there may be a fee associated with the courseware that is paired with the textbook. To learn more about their offereings, visit their websites linked in their names below:

Setting up a demonstration with a company who provides curated course materials is a great next step to learning about the product and determining if it would be a good fit in your course! 

Changing textbooks and digital materials requires a concerted effort with curricula changes and course structure revisions, but it is an important element of instruction that every faculty member must handle regularly and with diligence.