Past Initiatives

Inclusive Access Program 2018-2019

Access Day One (AD1) was one of several student-centered, faculty driven, and administratively supported approaches at the University of North Texas to address the challenges students face in order to get access to course materials. The goal of AD1 was to both give students access to course materials beginning the first day of their course, and to reduce the cost of textbooks and other course materials.  AD1 allowed the instructor to use textbooks and other course materials beginning on the first day of class and to help reduce the cost of course materials.  A small pilot study was conducted in the fall of 2018. Based on the positive results of the smaller pilot study, AD1 was implemented for fall 2019 in test phase.  AD1 is currently under review based on the results of the test projects.  

AD1 attempted to address a couple of ongoing challenges at UNT.  Many college students go without access to textbooks and course materials during the first few weeks of classes (and in some cases longer) in an effort to save money. This presents challenges for faculty in how they teach courses and can disrupt the learning experience for students. That's why it's important to get affordable course materials to students on the first day.

AD1 was modeled after several very successful "first day" initiatives around the US.  Other institutions in Texas are implementing the same model and UNT will collaborate in order to provide the absolute best version to UNT students in the future.