The UNT Male Alliance for a Rigorous, Transformative and Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning (MARTIAL) is a small community of young men who share an interest in the historical and cultural experiences of African American males in the United States.  Students also choose to work towards academic excellence in their chosen fields of study while living, learning, and leading together in Rawlins Hall.  

MARTIAL Eagles participate in team building exercises at Group Dynamix in Carrollton, TX.

The MARTIAL Eagles with their mentors, Harold Woodard and Candi Harris.


Build a tightly knit, scholarly community in Rawlins Hall, one of UNT’s newest and most popular residence halls.


Pre-enroll in a 3-hour course on African-American and other ethnic experiences in the U.S.  This course will count towards your core curriculum requirements at UNT. Participate in a 3-hour freshman seminar elective with other MARTIAL Eagles to enhance academic skills, engage in lively discussion around hot topics, and to learn more about what UNT has to offer including Study Abroad, Internships, and faculty-led research.


Develop leadership skills in preparation for active participation as leaders in campus activities and organizations.

Selected participants will also have the opportunity to network with other African-American students, staff, professors, and industry leaders.  All will receive mentoring and coaching from program staff and upperclassmen UNT students. 

Would you like to join?  Click here to see how to apply! 

LOOK!  MARTIAL Eagles are encouraged to apply for the Multicultural Scholastic Award.  Special consideration for this scholarship is given to students participating in partnering retention initiatives such as MARTIAL Eagles.  

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