UNT Academic Department Data Items

(UNT-Program Review Materials basis for data points)
Please see Academic Department Data FAQ for methods of calculations for these items

Items to be provided by IR&E

Item 1.    Number of Degrees Awarded per Year
Item 2.    Graduation Rate by Cohort Year
Item 3.    Time to Degree by Cohort Year
Item 4.    Admission Criteria – Average SAT Score
Item 5.    Percentage of Full-Time Graduate Students with Financial Support
Item 6.    Average Financial Support Provided (Monetary Value)
Item 7.    Core Faculty to Student (FTE) Ratio
Item 8.    Core Faculty External Grants
Item 9.    Percentage of Full-Time (FTE) to Headcount
Item 10.  Number of Core Full-Time Faculty
Item 11.  Student Diversity – % Minority
Item 12.  SCH Generated
Item 13.  Student Satisfaction Survey (4 Questions from Graduation Survey)
Item 14.  Cost per course by Instructor Rank
Item 15.  Program Facilities and Equipment- Gross Square Feet
Item 16.  Program Finances and Resources – Allocable Budget

Items to be Provided by Department by September 30th

Item 17.  Graduate Employment within One Year of Graduation (This question will not be used for Phase 1. More discussion will take place for Phase 2.)
Item 18.  Core Faculty Scholarship – (academic publications, articles, grants, gallery exhibits, performances, book chapters, editorships, conference presentations or papers, etc.  ) These materials can be derived from the following:

  • Annual Faculty Evaluation
  • Academic Analytics
  • UNT Faculty Profile System

Item 19.  Centralized Recruiting Scholarships – Total Dollars
Item 20.  Program Goals for Each Program in Department – (Yes/No Response)