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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) for students: please click on each question to see its answer. If you have any additional questions, please email .

Session Dates and Survey Administration Dates for summer sessions are listed below.





May 13 - May 31

May 24 - May 30

5W1 May 20 - June 21 June 12 - June 20


June 3 - July 26

July 17 - July 24

10W May 20 - July 26 July 17 - July 24
5W2 June 24 - July 26 July 17 - July 24

Students will receive an email on the first day the survey opens (see table above) from "UNT SPOT Course Evaluations via IASystem Notification" ( with the survey link. Please look for the email in your UNT email inbox.  Simply click on the link and complete your survey. Students receive a separate email for each course.   Survey links are unique to each course (not each student).  Please feel free to reach out to your instructor for the course evaluation link if you have deleted the email.

Reminders will be sent (see the question below) if you have not yet completed the survey. Verify that your campus preferred email address in AMS ( is one that you check. Faculty are strongly encouraged to post the course survey links to CANVAS so you can also find the link there. Survey links are specific to each course, not each individual student. If you have checked all options, please email SPOT ( with your student ID, course number and course section in order for us to assist you.

If you are receiving either of these messages; try refreshing your browser, because the system might not have cleared the cache from a previous evaluation submitted.  If you are still receiving these messages in error; email SPOT with your student ID, course number, and course section.

Yes, students receive email reminders if they have not completed the survey. Reminders are sent from "UNT SPOT Course Evaluations via IASystem Notification" (  Once students complete the survey they will no longer receive any automated emails regarding the SPOT except for the confirmation email that the survey has been submitted.  

Yes; a confirmation email is automatically sent to the same email address where the survey link was sent. Confirmation emails cannot be resent, and they are only sent to the students, not the instructors. Once again, instructors do not have access to view which students completed the course survey, only the overall response rate for the course.

The average time most students report completing the survey is less than 8 minutes.

Absolutely. All answers are confidential and no identifying information will be shared with instructors or teaching assistants, and overall results will not be released until after instructors have submitted final grades to the Office of the Registrar.

Yes; however, all comments that contain coarse or violent language and/or content, or derogatory remarks about the person's gender, race, sex, religion, national origin or other personal characteristics will be removed and not taken into consideration.

Evaluations cannot be deleted or redone, and they also cannot be completed after the deadline, but students can e-mail to provide your feedback about an instructor and/or class. The SPOT team will then forward the student comments anonymously to the instructor and/or chair of the instructor's department after grades are posted for the term. Student comments will then be included in the instructor's overall evaluation.

Student opinions matter. Not only are course evaluations used to measure teaching effectiveness, student feedback provides faculty members with valuable information as they modify, plan, and revise their course(s).

Yes, by completing all of your SPOT evaluations you will be entered to win an iPad Mini or one of ten $10 dining cards (during the fall and spring terms only) .

Isis Schmidt, Senior

Isis Schmidt, Senior Construction Engineering Technology Student