Tuition Public Hearing

The Office of the Provost and Student Financial Services will hold two public hearings to share information about proposed differential tuition changes that would become effective beginning Fall 2020. The proposed changes will be presented to the UNT System Board of Regents for approval at the board’s next meeting on Nov. 15, 2019.

View the recording of the November 4th presentation.

Please contact Student Financial Services at with inquiries about these hearings

The changes that will be presented include the implementation of new differential tuition rates and an increase to existing differential tuition rates for specific undergraduate and graduate programs.

Differential Tuition Definition

Differential tuition is a charge that correlates tuition rate to the cost of instructional delivery based on the academic unit providing the course. Differential tuition was first implemented at UNT in Fall 2018 but has become commonplace among large public institutions in Texas. This tuition model allows UNT to continue strategic growth, improve instructional quality, enhance the quality and efficient use of instructional facilities, and increase graduation rates while mitigating cost increases for programs that are not as expensive to deliver. Differential tuition will enable UNT to better align tuition with instructional costs.

New Recommended Tuition Rates

The new recommended differential tuition rates will be:

  1. College of Engineering undergraduate courses (all undergraduate courses in College of Engineering):
    • An additional $6.25 per SCH beginning in Fall 2020
      • $16.25 per SCH total
  2. Undergraduate courses in Departments of Communication and Dance & Theatre (subject codes COMM, DANC and THEA):
    • $6.00 per semester credit hour (SCH) beginning in Fall 2020
  3. Audiology and Speech Pathology graduate courses (subject code ASLP):
    • $100.00 per semester credit hour fee (SCH) beginning in Fall 2020
  4. Advanced Data Analytics graduate courses (subject code ADTA):
    • $7.75 per semester credit hour (SCH) beginning in Fall 2020
  5. Data Science graduate courses (applies to students enrolled in Data Science program):
    • $7.75 per semester credit hour (SCH) beginning in Fall 2020
  6. Sports Entertainment Management MBA (applied only to students enrolled exclusively in the online program format):
    • $11.00 per semester credit hour (SCH) beginning in Fall 2020
  7. An out-of-state-teaching fee collected in lieu of tuition for any nonresident enrolled exclusively in the online format of the Sports Entertainment Management MBA program:
    • $724 per semester credit hour beginning Fall 2020
  8. A waiving of all mandatory fees for the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences online degree completion program:
    • At-scale
    • Online only degree completion program​
    • 8-week sessions
    • Target market - greater Texas
    • Tuition $330/SCH flat rate (includes statutory tuition)​

Considerations and Criteria

These differential rates have been carefully considered in light of many factors including student affordability, impact on retention and peer price benchmarks. Differential tuition is charged in addition to statutory tuition, board-designated tuition and non-resident tuition, if appropriate.

The revenue generated from differential tuition will allow the university to address areas that would benefit from lower student-to-faculty ratios as well as areas that are exceptionally resource-intensive due to the nature of the academic program.

If you have questions related to these items, please contact Student Financial Services at

See the Differential Tuition Summary table outlining the proposed and approved tuition increases.