Spring 2017 Response Rates

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Each college's response rates for the Spring 2017 Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) survey administration are listed below.

For individual departments' response rates, please click on a college. If you have any additional questions, please email spot@unt.edu.


    UNT Overall Response Rate


    College of Arts and Sciences

    College of Arts and Sciences Overall Response Rate


    Aerospace Studies 16.67%
    Anthropology 57.22%
    Biological Sciences 62.50%
    Chemistry 41.91%
    Communications Studies 73.25%
    Dance and Theatre 80.89%
    Economics 40.98%
    English 73.62%
    Geography and the Environment 59.11%
    History 53.97%
    International Studies 71.35%
    Mathematics 55.59%
    Media Arts 39.44%
    Military Science 16.24%
    Philosophy and Religion 41.68%
    Physics 54.37%
    Political Science 64.31%
    Psychology 66.41%
    Sociology 60.75%
    Spanish 86.18%
    Teach North Texas 76.60%
    Technical Communication 72.20%
    Women's Studies 75.00%
    World Languages, Literature, and Culture 75.95%

    College of Business

    College of Business Overall Response Rate


    Accounting 61.94%
    Business (General) 52.72%
    Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law 45.01%
    Information Technology and Decision Sciences 50.93%
    Management 64.41%
    Marketing and Logistics 46.98%

    College of Education

    College of Education Overall Response Rate


    Counseling and Higher Education 73.62%
    Educational Psychology 60.57%
    Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation 49.87%
    Teacher Education and Administration 65.04%

    College of Engineering

    College of Engineering Overall Response Rate


    Biomedical Engineering 63.92%
    Computer Science and Engineering 59.71%
    Electrical Engineering 54.33%
    Engineering Technology 44.72%
    Material Science and Engineering 71.46%
    Mechanical and Energy Engineering 57.21%

    College of Health and Public Service 

    College of Health and Public Service Overall Response Rate


    Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology 68.18%
    Behavior Analysis 52.70%
    Criminal Justice 41.18%
    Emergency Management and Disaster Science 55.93%
    Public Administration 70.13%
    Rehabilitation and Health Services 42.16%

    College of Information

    College of Information Overall Response Rate


    Information Science 53.08%
    Learning Technologies 45.44%
    Linguistics 53.30%

    College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

    College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism Overall Response Rate


    Merchandising and Digital Retailing 54.66%
    Hospitality and Tourism 42.18%

    College of Music

    College of Music Overall Response Rate


    Conducting and Ensembles 37.97%
    Instrumental Studies 41.27%
    Jazz Studies 67.98%
    Keyboard Studies 50.40%
    Music (General) 43.70%
    Composition Studies 65.94%
    Music Education 59.44%
    Music Theory, History and Ethnomusicology 59.83%
    Vocal Studies 59.86%

    College of Visual Arts and Design

    College of Visual Arts and Design Overall Response Rate


    Art Education and Art History 42.94%
    Design 46.92%
    Studio Art 46.50%

    School of Journalism

    School of Journalism Overall Response Rate


    Honors College

    Honors College Overall Response Rate


    New College at Frisco

    New College at Frisco Overall Response Rate


    Toulouse Graduate School

    Toulouse Graduate School Overall Response Rate