Learning Spaces Strategy Committee

 Charge: The committee shall pull together the best ideas and devise recommendations to campus senior leaders on how the University of North Texas can optimally restart its learning spaces for the fall semester including:

  1. Determine appropriate caps for 110 classrooms; 
  2. Pull all 200+ enrollment, high international, all courses with online sections;
  3. For the remaining courses, determine criteria for priority (priority list includes freshman, international, seniors and experiential) for the 110 classrooms;
  4. For the remaining courses, determine scheduling criteria/mechanisms for part-time use;
  5. Determine if we use all buildings and if so, which ones;
  6. Plan for back-up facilities if a building needs to be taken off-line due to infection;
  7. Determine whether we need to utilize weekends and, if so, when/how;
  8. Determine whether in-person exam locations can remain and/or recommend alternatives;
  9. Determine whether or not we need to utilize event/athletic spaces such as Gateway and Union, if so, when/how;
  10. Select software for seating charts/roll call and test;
  11. Decisions above will allow finalization of a list of courses needed for Fall 20 online conversion

Learning Spaces Committee Membership

  • John Quintanilla, College of Science (Chair)
  • Adam Chamberlin, Dance & Theatre (Senate Rep)
  • Adam Fein, Digital Strategy & Innovation​
  • Rudi Thompson, CLEAR and College of Science
  • Danny Armitage, Student Affairs
  • Josh Avery, New College at Frisco
  • Cheryl Benningfield, Space Management
  • Darlene Callahan, Space Management
  • Chris Canuteson, DSI Tech, Classroom Support Services
  • Steven Cobb, College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Travis Craig, Space Management
  • Yunfei Du, College of Information
  • Michael McPherson, Academic Affairs
  • Ashley Olsberg, Digital Strategy & Innovation
  • Neely Shirey, Facilities
  • Cheryl Smith, Facilities
  • “Hepi” Wachter, College of Visual Arts and Design
  • Monique Scales, Registrar
  • Vincent Stippec, Facilities
  • Justin Stewart, Risk Management
  • Shari Schwartz, Registrar
  • Helen Bailey, Facilities
  • Thanh “Kim” Nguyen, Facilities
  • David Reynolds, Facilities
  • Meredith Butler, Space Management​
  • Scotie Selman, Risk Management
  • Abraham John, AITS
  • Jennifer Cowley, Provost, Academic Affairs



  • Technology (Ashley Olsberg): will focus on relevant high-utility tech to assist in reentry
  • Scheduling (John Quintanilla): identifying priority scheduling data and details
  • Classroom Operations (Dave Reynolds): readying spaces, seating charts, ensuring build completion, CLAW tiers
  • Liaison to the Colleges (Steve Cobb): ensuring communication with the colleges and benefit of Learning Spaces Strategy Committee (LSSC) info for college-owned spaces
  • Extra Space (Cheryl Benningfield): identifying additional spaces that could be used for classroom and/or testing purposes