Academic Affairs Advisory Restart Committee

Charge: The AAARG’s charge is to support phased campus re-opening of academic functions, maximizing enrollment, while maintaining a focus on staff, faculty and student health. The group will consider (among other issues):

  • Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures
  • Research Activities
  • International Travel
  • Clinics and Other Academic Spaces
  • Instructional Strategy
  • Communication and Training
  • Documentation and Planning


  • Jennifer Cowley, Academic Affairs
  • Adam Fein, Digital Strategy and Innovation
  • Aaron Roberts, Research and Innovation
  • Steve Cobb, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  • Chandra Carey, Associate Dean, College of Health and Public Services
  • Scott Belshaw, Faculty Senate Representative, College of Health and Public Services
  • Brenda Kihl, Academic Affairs
  • Lisa Maxwell, Advising
  • Melissa McGuire, Student Affairs
  • Joseph Oppong, Associate Dean, Toulouse Graduate School