Assessment of the Core Curriculum is conducted with two methods: Individual and Communal assessment. Assessment methods are selected by the faculty member who is designing the Core Course at the onset of the development of the Core course. Assessment methods are described below.

Individual Assessment Method is an option for Core courses that are specific enough in nature, such as the arts, science, mathematics, languages and/or primarily use testing formats exclusively for ascertaining levels of knowledge and skills related to specific Core objectives. Reporting Core course data in the individual assessment method requires the following steps:

  1. Upload the Core course in Tracdat.
  2. Input data about the outcomes of the Core course annually by June 15. Full data includes, for each Texas Core Curriculum Objective associated with the course, the following: 
    1. Attainment report for each objective
    2. Upload document:  Signature assignment\assessment plan related to each objective.
    3. Upload document:  Evidence of attainment (spreadsheet of grades for the assignment, for each objective)
    4. Upload documents:  Samples of student work related to the assignment, for the objective.

Communal Assessment Method is an option for Core courses that are more general in nature and produce essays, discussions, projects, and group outcomes specific to Core objectives. Participating in the communal scoring process includes the following steps:

  1. Core course coordinators provide samples of student work generated by Signature assignments in the course to communal assessment personnel. 
  2. Core course coordinators provide copies of the Signature assignments to communal assessment personnel.
  3. Prior to each scoring session at the end of the long semesters, the Signature assignments are reviewed by the OCCC to validate that the Signature assignment can be scored using the VALUE rubrics.
  4. Faculty members of all ranks: tenure-track, lecturer, adjunct, GA volunteer to score authentic student work for two specific objectives each semester - timeline for assessment.
  5. Communal assessment personnel coordinate the process of assessment.
  6. Assessment of the targeted objectives will be conducted each long semester according to the following calendar submitted to the THECB in the 10-year report November 2013:
  • Fall 2017 - Communication Skills and Social Responsibility
  • Spring 2018 - Communication and Teamwork
  • Fall 2018 - Critical Thinking and Personal Responsibility
  • Spring 2019 - Critical Thinking and Empirical and Quantitative Skills