Creating Core Courses at UNT: A Step by Step Plan

Step 1. Meet with the faculty in the department who will teach the course and brainstorm about how to design the course to meet the needs of the department, as well as the expectations of the THECB and the UNT Core Objectives.
Step 2. Get someone on the course development team trained in the use of Curriculog.
Step 3. Design the course with the Texas Core Curriculum objectives at the center of the course.
Step 4: Design signature assignments that relate to each objective: a) single assignment with one objective b) single assignment with multiple objectives.
Step 5: Design assessment instruments and/or use the VALUE rubrics found on this webpage.  Objectives, assignments, and assessments must all align completely in order to meet the expectations of the THECB.
Step 6: Upload the course in Curriculog as a New Course and as Addition of Course to Core Curriculum.
Step 7: Track the course as it moves through Curriculog.
Step 8: Respond to any changes or corrections any approver might have along the way.
Step 9: When the course arrives at the UUCC approval level, be sure the designated representative to the UUCC attends the UUCC meeting when the course is on the agenda. Someone will need to make a motion for the course to be approved as a new Core Course.
Step 10. Check with the registrar as to when the course enters the UNT course inventory.
Step 11. Check with the Core personnel in mid-April to determine if the course has been sent to the THECB for approval.
Step 12. Check with the Core personnel, 75-90 days later, to determine if the course is approved by the THECB.

Timing for submitting a Core Course 

  1. Between April 15 October 15 consultations with Core personnel, OCCC, and UUCC about new course submission
  2. By October 15 - all Core courses eligible to be submitted to the THECB by mid-April the following year, must be submitted in Curriculog
  3. First Friday in November  all Core courses eligible to be submitted to THECB must be ready (complete with all necessary department and college approvals) for review by the OCCC in Curriculog


  4. First Friday in February  all Core courses eligible to be submitted to THECB must be approved by 60% of the OCCC members


  5. Two weeks before the first Wednesday in March (mid-February) all Core courses eligible to be submitted to THECB must be submitted to the UUCC
  6. First Wednesday in March all Core courses eligible to be submitted to the THECB must be approved by the UUCC
  7. Between March and mid-April Core courses approved by the UUCC will be added to the UNT course inventory
  8. Annually By mid-April, all UUCC approved Core courses that are in the UNT course inventory and THECB inventory for UNT courses will be submitted to the THECB for review





Approval steps and Timing: Curriculog* and Beyond^

*Originator – undetermined

 *College/school – timing depends on regularity of meetings and movement of agenda items

 *Dean – timing depends on the dean’s curriculum committee or other approval processes

 *Oversight Committee for the Core Curriculum – eleven volunteer faculty members review the proposal, seven of whom have to approve it; the OCCC meets once monthly to review proposals that are pending; they do not meet in the summer or in January; timing is approximately 30-45 days

 *UUCC – immediate, as long as someone is at the meeting to motion for approval; delayed by one month if no one is available to make a motion

^THECB – the regulations say 75 days

^Catalog – the course is entered into the catalog for the year recommended by the UUCC; it is entered into the catalog as a Core course when the THECB approves the course as a Core course.