Curry Hall, one of UNT's oldest buildings, is still in use today.

Building Spotlight: Curry Hall

  • Year Built: 1912
  • Floors: 3 floors
  • Rooms: 98 rooms
  • Gross Sq. Ft.: 27,407 sq. ft.

History: Built in 1912-13 to serve as a library and gymnasium, this is the oldest remaining building on the North Texas campus. Currently Houses:

  • 1st floor – 3 classrooms
  • 2nd floor – 4 classrooms
  • 3rd floor – Teach North Texas
Curry Hall was built in 1912.

Building Spotlight: Curry Hall

It became known as the Historical Building in 1925, when history professor Joseph Lyman Kingsbury (1880-1949) began a museum that was housed here until 1986. The institution's eclectic collection included published works and artifacts from around the world. Upon the museum's closing the collection was distributed to other institutions in Denton.

Originally built to be the library and gymnasium, Curry Hall has housed academic offices, classrooms, and the college radio station.

Building Spotlight: Curry Hall

The building also has housed academic offices, classrooms, and the College Radio Station. (1994) Renamed in the 1940’s after Dr. O.J. Curry, first dean of College of Business Administration, 1946-1974.


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