Sycamore Hall circa 1950

Building Spotlight: Sycamore Hall

Year Built: 1937

  • Floors: 4 floors
  • Rooms: 208 rooms
  • Gross Sq. Ft.: 100,216 sq. ft.

History:  The building was built in 1937, with funds received from the Public Works Administration, then known as the Library Building. 

Inside Sycamore Hall circa 1960

Building Spotlight: Sycamore Hall

Library Building reading room, circa 1964. This building would also be known as the Information Science Building and Sycamore Hall. The library portion of the structure is now the Eagle Commons Library.

Front side of Sycamore Hall 2015

Building Spotlight: Sycamore Hall

Building now houses:

  • Access Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Office of Space Management and Planning
  • Eagle Commons Library
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative IT Services
  • Mayborn School of Journalism
  • Department of Sociology

Office of Space Management & Planning

The Office of Space Management and Planning is responsible for managing one of the University's most limited resources – space. The management of space includes planning, tracking, assignment, auditing, analyses, and reporting of current and future needs based on the strategic and research goals of the institution while maintaining proper alignment with the Master Plan. The Office of Space Management and Planning is the central governing office for all space on campus.