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For faculty and staff only: If you have interest in using the ePortfolio with your students, the Career Connect office needs to establish an account for you that includes moderator access. The information below will help us set up your account and make sure you have the tools and resources you need to use this effectively with your students. 






This may include letting us know how quickly you need it, what program or project you are working with, and any other details that will help us set up your access to the ePortfolio.

After you submit this request, a Career Connect staff member will be in touch to discuss next steps and ensure your account is established to meet your needs.

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Career Connect Project Idea

New wave of hiring shows what you can do, not just says it.

In a recent study, the New York Fed said that only 25% of people get jobs in their majors. As a recent graduate with an integrative studies degree, that was a relief to hear. I studied so many things here at UNT because I loved knowing a little bit of everything! When it came to the job market though, I figured out that I don’t have these weird certifications or years of experience in this one certain thing, and it made me feel ineligible for these jobs I know I would be good at.