Undergraduate Research Fellowship- From Dr. Jim Duban

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UNT Faculty members are welcome to encourage one or more students to work with them, in academic year 2019-2020, as part of the UNT Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) program.  The goal is to have students conduct  beyond-the-classroom research, under the guidance of mentors, that encourages undergraduates to learn professional methodology and make contributions to the field of study.  Such research may occur, across the disciplines, in varied settings and with varied outcomes. Students in the performing and visual arts will have research, performance, or display outcomes significantly different from those in STEM enterprises.  We therefore encourage all faculty to seek out willing students.

The upload site for students to compete in 2019-2020 Undergraduate Research Fellowship (URF) competition is now open, with a deadline of April 9, 2019:


If you are currently (2018-2019) supervising URF students, they may reapply, by April 9, 2019, as long as they will not graduate prior to May 2020.  If they are graduating before then, and if you care to approach other students to conduct URF endeavors in 2019-2020, that would be grand. Those students will also have an April 9, 2019, application deadline.

All undergraduates have by now, via Eagle Mail, received notice of this opportunity. Faculty encouragement often makes all the difference in our students’ inclination to go the extra mile in this vital area of academic and personal development.