New Academic Integrity Policy

Over the Summer UNT finalized a new Academic Integrity Policy (Student Academic Integrity Policy (06.003)).  The new policy updates UNT’s definitions of academic misconduct, including terms like plagiarism and forgery, clarifies the role of the Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) and clarifies procedures for single as well as multiple or major violations of academic integrity. 

In instances of a single violation, instructors should contact the student using their university email and schedule an in-person conference with the student. During that meeting the instructor should gather evidence and provide the student with an opportunity to respond. If the instructor determines the violation has met the “preponderance of evidence” standard for academic misconduct, the instructor should notify the student in writing of this and submit the single violation form (found on the policy website listed above) to the university’s academic integrity database in order to keep track of violations.

If a student has multiple or major violations, the Office of Academic Integrity will establish a conference with the student that may result in probation, suspension, or expulsion.

For more information contact UNT’s Academic Integrity Officer, Karen Weiller (x2856).