The Latest from CLEAR

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The Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment, and Redesign (CLEAR) offers a variety of services to anyone with teaching responsibilities at the university. Services include online course and program development and implementation, as well as support for instructional technologies (such as the university learning management system, Blackboard and Canvas), regardless of class modality. Our instructional design team supports UNT instructors in designing and implementing new classroom teaching strategies, in addition to mastering the use of instructional technologies. 

CLEAR’s faculty development team offers professional development and training for UNT instructors via a variety of programs and initiatives. UNT instructors can also find online resources via the CLEAR website and Teaching Commons, a CLEAR site that provides articles and multimedia about teaching and pedagogy, course design, and instructional technology. In addition to these services, CLEAR works with individual faculty, groups of faculty, and departments to develop and offer faculty development services designed to meet the unique needs of individual faculty and faculty groups.

For faculty interested in Canvas training, CLEAR offers face-to-face bootcamps and a self-paced online training.  Feel free to let us know if you have questions about either option, or about the transition to Canvas!