The next full meeting of the COACHE (The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education) Steering Committee will be in January. The meeting will focus on division-level and departmental-level results of the 2018 COACHE Survey. There is much variation at the divisional level, beginning most distinctly with variation in response rates across divisions. For example, the COACHE response rate ranges from 77.8% in the division with the highest response rate to 41.2% in the division with the lowest response rate. The University's overall response is 56%. Better understanding of this variation in response rates is one of the Steering Committee's primary goals. The Steering Committee will also place the findings from the divisional analysis into context with the help of the recently completed Faculty Climate Survey.

In the meantime, the COACHE Steering Committee is addressing (in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Faculty Success, and the Academic Affairs Fellows) the following issue areas that have been indicated as areas of concern by the COACHE survey, the Provost and the Steering committee.

  1. Workload equity.
  2. Parental/Family leave policy.
  3. Discovery Park Faculty's feeling of isolation from UNT's main campus (Faculty Success will hold weekly office hours at Discovery Park).
  4. Work life balance: (Work Life Balance Workshop is scheduled for February 1, 2019).
  5. Granting writing workshops to empower and support interdisciplinary research.
  6. Faculty Diversity and Inclusion: (Renewal of National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity membership to continue providing resources that support and enhance UNT's faculty diversity and inclusion.)
  7. Improving awards and recognition for faculty.

For more information please contact Lee Walker.
Read the Provost's statement on the COACHE survey can be found.
Read the COACHE Survey Executive Summary.