Child and Family Resource Clinic

Child and Family Research Clinic stick figure drawingThe College of Education supports the Child and Family Research Clinic. The Child and Family Resource Clinic is a counseling and training clinic that serves the Denton County community. The CFRC offers counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families for issues including learning, emotional, and adjustment difficulties. The CFRC's purpose is twofold: to provide professional and responsible services to clients who request them and professional, competent training for graduate students.

The Child and Family Resource Clinic is an interdisciplinary community outreach clinic founded over 40 years ago to provide an internship setting for our counseling students as well as provide high quality and affordable counseling and testing services for the Denton community and surrounding areas. The clinic is staffed primarily by doctoral counseling interns as well as a few master’s-level interns.

The clinic consists of 12 counseling rooms used for individual, couple, family, and group counseling, as well as assessment and tutoring. Each room is equipped with a 2-way mirror for live supervision. The clinic also utilizes digital audio/video recording equipment in all 12 rooms to provide opportunities for training and supervision for both students and faculty.

CFRC also houses a resource library for the counseling interns as well as a lending library for clients.

CFRC is well known for providing innovative counseling services for children and families, particularly in the areas of child and adolescent assessment, play therapy, child-parent relationship therapy, and expressive therapies, which includes sand tray, puppetry, and art therapy. Several of the rooms at CFRC are specially equipped for these activities.