Chief's Corner: Active Shooter Training

Recent active shooter events in El Paso and Odessa have brought this serious topic to the forefront again. It’s important to all of us at the UNT Police Department that you feel safe and prepared both here at the university or wherever you may go.

For this reason, we offer free Active Shooter Response training. In this, we teach the Run/Hide/Fight response method to provide you with steps to survive an active shooter event. We review statistical data, talk through scenarios you might encounter, and give you an idea of what to expect from law enforcement arriving at the scene.

If you are interested in Active Shooter Response training, email Sgt. Kevin Crawford at

You are also invited to attend our upcoming Active Shooter Response training from 3-5 pm on September 24th in the Union Lyceum.

For more information about this and other safety training classes that can equip you with a variety of preparedness skills, visit our website at Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@UNTPolice) for other tips and notifications of training classes.