Chief's Corner

The UNT Police Department aims to be proactive in keeping our community safe, which is why we work with several partners on and off campus. It’s also important that we forge partnerships with faculty members so that you are properly prepared for emergency situations.

We are currently working with Faculty Success and the Office of Emergency Management and Safety Services to bring you a specialized training in April that addresses your safety concerns. You can register for it here.

We also want you to be aware of training programs that we host year-round for faculty, staff and students. Topics that might interest you include Responding to an Active Shooter, Handling a Disruptive Person, Emergency Readiness Basics (weather, medical, safety), and ID Theft Protection. These programs typically take an hour to an hour and half. More information about all of our safety training programs can be found at To schedule one of these programs for your department, group, or even your class email the UNT Police Department’s Community Relations Sgt. Kevin Crawford at at least one week before the desired presentation date.

We also advertise regularly scheduled events on our social media accounts. You can find out more and follow us on Twitter or Facebook – find us at @UNTPolice.