Caring and Connecting Corner

Donna Emmanuel

Tips to keep in mind to have a balanced end of the semester from Donna Emmanuel (

At this point in the semester, it is all starting to pile up for many students, faculty, and staff. We are beginning to push toward the end, keenly aware of what is left to be accomplished before the semester ends. Papers must be graded, feedback needs to be given, and projects await evaluation. How might we approach this time of the year with care, compassion, and as little stress as possible? Below are some suggestions to consider:

  1. Do you REALLY have to assign that big project or culminating paper for the end of the semester? Give yourselves and your students a breather and spread those assignments out across the next few weeks. Or forego a final project altogether!
  2. Take a couple of minutes in class to do some deep breathing and stretching. It’s a good break for you and your students!
  3. Make time in class to revisit what students have accomplished, experienced, and covered up to this point, focusing on what has already been completed.
  4.  Say “no” to any additional requests for the rest of the semester if at all possible.
  5. Remember that self-care falls into four categories: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. Figure out where you are lacking and take a little time to rejuvenate in that area.
  6. Be kind and remind your students as well!!

Hopefully the rest of the semester will be less stressful and you’ll be ready to enjoy the winter break!