Black Faculty Network (BFN)

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The Black Faculty Network (BFN) is an organization focused on improving the recruitment and retention of all full-time, black faculty at the University of North Texas. BFN addresses both career and psychosocial development through a variety of methods including peer-to-peer mentoring, writing groups, the mentorship of Black graduate and undergraduate students and a yearly symposium that addresses global issues related to the experience of Black faculty at predominantly white universities.  

To achieve its goals, the BFN provides professional and social support at every career stage. The Black Faculty Network offers monthly Pomodoro-style writing/creative works groups which give provides an opportunity for members to participate in a system of accountability as they enhance productivity as a community of scholars. 

BFN also offers career support through opportunities for networking, writing workshops, and focused discussions on topics relevant to faculty members’ professional development within the university.  Monthly luncheons and the gatherings are organized in order to allow faculty members an opportunity to interact with other black faculty and establish relationships to limit feelings of isolation. For more information please contact Chandra Carey.