Accessibility Angle

One of the objectives of Faculty Success (OFS) is to provide UNT’s faculty with the tools that they to successfully teach our students. Increasingly, making our courses open and accessible to all is an important feature of this objective. Starting with this issue, we are kicking off a regular feature in the OFS newsletter – the accessibility angle.  The month’s feature is on Dr. Tania Heap, who coordinates many of our efforts to increase accessibility.


Tania Heap

Dr. Tania Heap is the Director of Learning Research and Accessibility at CLEAR. She assists faculty in making their digital content in online and hybrid courses accessible to all students, including students with disabilities. Her team offers individual hands-on consultations, workshops, and seminars, covering a range of accessibility issues such as creating accessible course documents in MS Office and Canvas, creating accessible multimedia and STEM content, testing software applications, using assistive technologies, and teaching disability etiquette.