Faculty Success Workshops and Events

The FacultyCONNECT Program

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UNT is committed to cultivating a culture of ongoing faculty development. A key piece of this is the professional development workshops. The cohort-based FacultyCONNECT program provides the newest members of our UNT community an opportunity to share experiences and gain institutional knowledge through workshops, networking luncheons, teaching and research seminars, and UNT sponsored activities, such as concerts, plays, and sports events. At UNT, we broadly define new faculty to include those individuals who are either in their first, second or third year.

All Faculty

We also have a number of workshops that may be of broader interest to all faculty members.


Events and Workshops

FacultyCONNECT Events
All-Faculty Events

FacultyCONNECT: Getting Started on Research and Grants

Beyond Tenure

FacultyCONNECT: New Faculty Orientation

Faculty Development Leave

FacultyCONNECT: Meet the Provost

Getting Engaged Internationally

FacultyCONNECT: Mentoring Luncheons

Preparing for Retirement

FacultyCONNECT: Pathway to Promotion for Lecturers

Productive Writing Strategies

FacultyCONNECT: Pathway to Tenure and Promotion for Tenure-System Faculty

Salute to Faculty Excellence in Research

FacultyCONNECT: Socials

Salute to Faculty Excellence in Teaching

FacultyCONNECT: Work-Life Balance

Teaching Excellence Seminars


Training and Celebrating Faculty Mentors