Women's Faculty Network Leadership Team



Non-Tenure Track

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences


Samantha Langsdale

College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

 Cristina Sanchez-Conejero

Jaqueline Vickery 

Mary Lynn Babcock


College of Business

Danielle Cooper


 Manjula Salimath

April Kuykendall

College of Education

Bertina Combes


Miriam Ezzani


College of Engineering

Gayatri Mehta

Leticia Anaya

College of Information

Ana Cleveland

Jodi Philbrick

College of Merchandising & Hospitality  Mgmt.

Kiseol Yang

Rosa Malave

College of Music

Jaymee Haefner

Daphne Gerling

College of Health and Public Service


Leslie Roberts

College of Visual Arts & Design

Adetty Perez de Miles


School of Journalism

Tracy Everbach

Juli James

University Libraries

Julie Leuzinger

Allyson Rodriguez