2021 Newly Promoted/Tenured Faculty

College of Education

  • Dr. Leslie De Jones,  Clinical Professor, Counseling and Higher Education
  • Dr. Christopher Bailey, Clinical Associate Professor, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
  • Dr. Amanda Vickery, Associate Professor with Tenure, Teacher Education and Administration

College of Engineering

  • Dr. Qing Yang, Associate Professor with Tenure, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Song Fu, Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Dr. Gayatri Mehta, Professor, Electrical Engineering

College of Health and Public Service

  • Ms. Raedeen Wingate, Senior Lecturer, Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
  • Dr. Ronald Timmons, Principal Lecturer, Emergency Management and Disaster Science
  • Dr. Hao-Che (Tristan) Wu, Associate Professor with Tenure, Emergency Management and Disaster Science
  • Dr. Ronald Schumann, Associate Professor with Tenure, Emergency Management and Disaster Science
  • Dr. Laura Keyes, Senior Lecturer, Public Administration

College of Information

  • Dr. Lawrence Enoch, Principal Lecturer, Information Science
  • Dr. Jodi Philbrick, Principal Lecturer, Information Science
  • Dr. Barbara Schultz-Jones, Professor, Information Science
  • Dr. Daniella Smith, Professor, Information Science
  • Dr. Rose Marie Baker, Associate Professor with Tenure, Learning Technologies
  • Dr. Karen Roberto Johnson, Associate Professor with Tenure, Learning Technologies
  • Dr. John Robert Turner, Associate Professor with Tenure, Learning Technologies

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

  • Dr. Jara Carrington, Senior Lecturer, Anthropology
  • Dr. Holley Vaughn, Principal Lecturer, Communication Studies
  • Dr. Brian Lain, Professor, Communication Studies
  • Ms. Jacqueline Whipple Walker, Senior Lecturer, English
  • Dr. Feifei Pan, Professor, Geography and the Environment
  • Dr. Kathryne Beebe, Associate Professor with Tenure, History
  • Dr. Rachel Moran, Associate Professor with Tenure, History
  • Ms. Brittany McElroy, Senior Lecturer, Mayborn School of Journalism
  • Dr. Stephen Mandiberg, Senior Lecturer, Media Arts
  • Ms. Tania Khalaf, Professor, Media Arts
  • Dr. David Kaplan, Professor, Philosophy and Religion
  • Dr. Ateka Contractor, Associate Professor with Tenure, Psychology
  • Dr. Joshua Hook, Professor, Psychology
  • Dr. Ozlem Altiok, Principal Lecturer, Women's and Gender Studies

College of Music

  • Dr. Gudrun Raschen, Senior Lecturer, Instrumental Studies
  • Dr. Stacie Mickens, Associate Professor with Tenure, Instrumental Studies
  • Dr. Phillip Paglialonga, Associate Professor with Tenure, Instrumental Studies
  • Mr. Quincy Davis, Associate Professor with Tenure, Jazz Studies
  • Dr. Jessica Nápoles, Professor, Music Education
  • Dr. Rebecca Geoffroy-Schwinden, Associate Professor with Tenure, Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology
  • Mr. William Joyner, Associate Professor with Tenure, Vocal Studies
  • Dr. Stephen Morscheck, Professor, Vocal Studies
  • Dr. Elvia Puccinelli, Professor, Vocal Studies

College of Science

  • Dr. Huguette Tran, Principal Lecturer, Mathematics
  • Dr. John Krueger, Professor, Mathematics

College of Visual Arts and Design

  • Ms. Rachel Black, Principal Lecturer, Studio Art
  • Mr. Christian Fagerlund, Principal Lecturer, Studio Art
  • Ms. Elissa LaFleur Sheppard, Associate Professor with Tenure, Studio Art

G. Brint Ryan College of Business

  • Ms. Melody White, Senior Lecturer, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
  • Dr. Anna Sidorova, Professor, Information Technology & Decision Sciences
  • Dr. Christopher Robert Penney, Associate Professor with Tenure, Management
  • Dr. Seock-Jin Hong, Associate Professor with Tenure, Marketing, Logistics and Operations Management
  • Dr. Divesh Ojha, Professor, Marketing, Logistics and Operations Management

Mayborn School of Journalism

  • Ms. Rebecca Poynter, Senior Lecturer, Mayborn School of Journalism
  • Dr. Sara Champlin, Associate Professor with Tenure, Mayborn School of Journalism

Toulouse Graduate School

  • Dr. Thuan Nguyen, Clinical Associate Professor, Advanced Data Analytics

University Libraries

  • Ms. Carol Hargis, Associate Librarian, University Libraries
  • Ms. Stacey Wolf, Associate Librarian, University Libraries
  • Ms. Julie Judkins, Librarian, University Libraries
  • Dr. Catherine Sassen, Librarian, University Libraries