Leadership Fellows

UNT is committed to developing leaders capable of catalyzing and sustaining change. The UNT Leadership Fellows program, founded in 2008, supports individual and organizational skill building. Competencies such as increased self-awareness, confidence, broader thinking, relationship building, and interdisciplinary collaborations are a few of the key outcomes of the year-long program. Fellows participate in a broad range of activities such as: 

Completion of projects assigned by senior administrators

  • Meetings with senior-level administrators
  • Participation in professional conferences
  • Campus tours
  • Executive coaching
  • Self reflection

Selection Process:
Current chairs, interim chairs, and other faculty members who show interest and demonstrate leadership potential are eligible to apply. Candidates must be nominated by their academic dean with the support of the home department chair. Selection will be based on record of scholarship, significant university service and/or strong leadership potential.  

UNT Leadership Fellows 


Member Rank and Department


Image result for unt yunfei du

Yunfei Du

Associate Dean, Information Science


Becky Glover

Professor, Educational Psychology


Image result for brian collins unt

Brian Collins

Associate Professor, Public Administration


Image result for ed dzialowski unt

Ed Dzialowski

Professor, Biological Sciences


Image result for kimberly luevano unt

Kimberly Luevano

Associate Professor, Instrumental Studies


Susan Squires

Chair, Anthropology 

UNT Leadership Fellows Photo Gallery