Spectrum Support and Self-Advocacy Group

Universities are known for valuing diversity. Yet faculty who are neurodivergent, such as those on the autism spectrum, may not feel as included or supported because it's difficult to be open about it. As the university moves to include neurodiversity among its diversity initiatives, this new project offers support to a group of people who have not yet had a recognized collective presence in the university community and the opportunity to advocate for their interests in a coordinated way.

The group welcomes those who are, or think they might be, on the autism spectrum, as well as allies. It’s open to full- and part-time faculty, administrators, and staff. Its meetings will provide a forum for discussions of work-related topics that are affected by their status as autistic people (or people on the autism spectrum, or whichever term you prefer). It’s also an opportunity to share resources for learning more about the autism spectrum. The first meeting will be moderated by John Murphy, who is autistic. Others are invited to help set the group’s agenda.

For more information, please contact John Murphy or Faculty Success.