Outstanding Online Teacher and Course Award


This award is a university-wide award that recognizes excellence in the design of instruction and facilitation of learning in a web-based environment and is sponsored by the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign.  Visit their website for selection process and deadlines.

Past Recipients:

Year Faculty Member Department
2016 Lisa Henry Anthropology
2015 Stephen Garretson Educational Psychology
2014 Nancy Boyd Lillie Management 
2013 Elizabeth Arnold Merchandising & Digital Retailing
2012 Rossana Boyd Teacher Education and Administration
2011 Smita Mehta Educational Psychology
2010 Susan Dadres Economics
2009 Smita Mehta Educational Psychology
2007 Derrick D' Souza Management
2006 Bob Insley Management
2006 Michael Sexton Management
2005 Elizabeth Figa Library and Information Science