Exemplary Online Teacher and Course Award


This award is a university-wide award that recognizes excellence in the design of instruction and facilitation of learning in a web-based environment. Sponsored by the Center for Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Redesign.

Visit their website for information and the nomination packet.

Past Recipients:

Year Faculty Member Department
2019 Alexandra Veselka-Bush Sociology
2018 Gayle Prybutok Rehabilitation and Health Services
2017 Kelly Donahue-Wallace Visual Arts & Design
2016 Judi Bradetich Educational Psychology
2015 Royce Jefferson George Teacher Education and Administration
2014 Manjula Salimath Management
2013 Linda Stromberg Teacher Education and Administration
2012 Nicole Dash Sociology
2011 Lou Pelton Marking and Logistics
2010 Kelly Donahue-Wallace Art History
2010 Kris Chesky Occupational Health
2009 Anat Barnir Management
2009 Susan Dadres Economics
2009 Lynn Johnson Management
2007 Nathan Cottle Educational Psychology
2007 Susan Dadres Economics
2007 Becky Glover Educational Psychology
2007 Lee Hughes Biology
2005 Patrick Cukor-Avila Linguistics & Technical Communication
2005 Shobhana Chelliah Linguistics & Technical Communication
2005 Jerry Dickenson Club Management
2005 Kelly Donahue-Wallace Art Education and Art History