Anti-Bias & Cultural Awareness Program

Faculty Success has developed a plan for faculty and academic staff: Anti-Bias & Cultural Awareness Program. The aforementioned plan will serve as a foundation for facilitating an inclusive, affirming, and equitable environment for our Mean Green Family and the diverse communities we serve. The plan was created with a scaffolding approach to provide foundational knowledge, intermediate knowledge and implementation, and an advanced execution phase for faculty and academic staff. 

  1. Actively build a safe, knowledgeable, and accepting community that is understanding of equity and inclusion strategies and considerations. 
  2. Deliver accessible programming and resources for faculty and academic staff related to practicing and facilitating inclusion, equity, and cultural humility effectively. 
  3. Provide ongoing strategies for faculty and academic staff seeking to foster inclusive learning environments and improve the campus climate.   
  4. Provide ongoing strategies for academic leaders seeking to foster inclusive work environments and improve the campus climate. 

What is diversity, equity, and inclusion and why is it important?  

  • Diversity is the presence of difference in a given setting or group.  
  • Equity is ensuring that everyone has access to the same opportunities regardless of intersecting identities. Equity in action can be policies, initiatives, and conversations to address imbalances and systemic issues.
  • Inclusion is a sense of belonging, being valued, and having a voice. 

Why are we doing a faculty and academic staff diversity training?  

Who were consulted during the creation of the program?

What are the expectations for training per semester or annually?  

The expectation is that all faculty and academic staff participate and complete approximately three (3) hours of training and seminars per semester. We will have a variety of ways to participate and achieve this expectation (see fall 2020 options below).

Phase One (Knowledge Building): Fall 2020  

Goal: Help faculty, staff, and academic administrators develop common language and understanding surrounding diverse populations in order to meaningfully appreciate historical perspectives and narratives of others.  

Here are the options to fulfill fall 2020 training requirement:  

  1. Complete at least two of three courses available through UNT Bridge. Participants can expect to spend a total of three (3) hours. These are online and self-paced. Each course will have an assessment component at the end. The assessment will need to be completed in order to meet the requirements.  
  2. Participate in and complete one of the synchronous trainings offered by the Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity’s Diversity and Inclusion Team (the required EEO training does not fulfill this requirement). The dates and registration for these trainings can be found in UNT Bridge.
  3. Faculty and staff who are participating in the Diversity & Inclusion Council and Inclusion, Equity, and Community Building Series (IECB) participants will meet requirement based on their twenty (20) hour training requirement. 
    • This five (5) module series starts Friday, October 16, 2020 and each module runs from 1PM - 5PM. Participants must attend each module in proposed order.
    • Registration deadline: Friday, October 2, 2020
    • Register HERE via Bridge
  4. Faculty Success will host three (3) guest speakers during the fall 2020 semester. Attending and participating in one of three guest speaker seminars and completing the assessment at the end of the webinar/seminar will meet the criteria for the fall 2020 training. 
  5. Colleges/Departments also have the option of hosting their own learning development opportunities in lieu of the options listed above. The expectation is that the training or workshop be at least two (2) hours in length with the opportunity for discussion among the group. If you would like guidance or consultation on this option please reach out to our team at

Phase Two (Implementation): Spring 2021 

Goal: Support faculty, staff, and academic administrators as they apply strategies for success and inclusion into their daily tasks and responsibilities. 

Options to fulfill this three (3) hour requirement will be announced soon!