Anti-Bias & Cultural Awareness Program

The Anti-Bias and Cultural Awareness Program was launched in 2020 and is UNT’s commitment to facilitating and creating an inclusive, affirming, and equitable environment for our Mean Green Family and the diverse communities we serve.

The ABCA Program advances the following goals:

  1. Actively build a safe, knowledgeable, and accepting community that is understanding of equity and inclusion strategies and considerations.
  2. Deliver accessible programming and resources for faculty and academic staff related to practicing and facilitating inclusion, equity, and cultural humility effectively.
  3. Provide ongoing strategies for faculty, academic staff, and academic leaders seeking to foster inclusive learning environments and improve the campus climate.

Students walking through the Union in front of large "UNT" letters

What are diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and why are they important?

The presence of difference in a given setting or group.

An action that ensures access regardless of intersecting identities. Equity in action can be policies, initiatives, and conversations to address imbalances and systemic issues.

Being able to share insights and thoughts knowing that they will be respected.

Occurs when one’s insights, values, and contributions are appreciated to the extent that one can fully be themselves.

Who was consulted during the creation of the program?

What are the expectations for training per semester or annually?

The expectation is that all faculty and academic staff participate and complete approximately three hours of training and seminars per academic year. We will have a variety of ways to participate and meet this expectation.

Because of your feedback, we made some valuable modifications to the ABCA Program:

  • The ABCA Program is required and must be completed to be eligible for merit pay when available.
  • The program is now annual and runs October through April, allowing for more time to complete.
  • The 2022 Equity and Diversity Conference will count toward completion of ABCA.
  • Three foundational hours of ABCA programming will be included for new faculty and academic staff during their onboarding process. Three continuous hours will be required for all faculty and academic staff on an annual basis.
  • If you have not completed the ABCA Program from 2020-2021, please log into your Bridge portal and complete the asynchronous models by October 15, 2021.

ABCA: 2020-2021 Summary

Thank you for making the first year of the Anti-Bias and Cultural Awareness Program a success. To date, we have a completion rate of over 90%.

We offered 17 training opportunities in conjunction with our partners.

  • 7 asynchronous options
  • 6 guest speakers
  • 4 synchronous workshops with internal partners
  • 7 departments and colleges hosted trainings

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