Writing Panel Workshop

Date: 02/05/19
Time: 2:00pm
Location: GAB 104
Contact: Linda Holloway
Email: Faculty.Success@unt.edu
Phone: 940-565-2635

“This panel is designed to help faculty develop strategies and habits that make them more productive writers. We’ve invited speakers who are prolific writers and can provide tips on how to achieve that level. This will include Chandra Carey, Dick Rogers, Kat Aoyama, and Teresa Golden. Teresa is a very productive scholar and she also leads the Faculty Writing Group – this event is an opportunity for her to provide faculty with this resource.

Along with our wonderful speakers, for anyone who registers to this workshop qualifies for a CHANCE TO WIN A $500 stipend towards any CONFERENCE SUPPORT of your choice! However, you must be present to win.  Not only will you receive valuable information on how to improve your writing skills, but also the possibility to win $500. REGISTER TODAY! You don’t want to miss on this great opportunity.”