"Trauma-Informed Classrooms" - 1 hour over Zoom

"Trauma-Informed Classrooms" - 1 hour over Zoom provided by Counseling and Testing Services

This presentation will address trauma and its effects, how it is impacting the lives of our students, and how this may show up in a classroom setting. Many ideas will be provided to create a teaching strategy and classroom atmosphere conducive to those with a history of trauma, and hopefully inspiriting a trauma-sensitive approach and perspective regarding academic and behavioral challenges of students.  

Zoom link: https://taoconnect.zoom.us/j/93815340849?pwd=aDY3N1IxSzR1NTZ0SHI5SWtxZHN...

Date: 02/21/23
Time: 11:00am
Location: Vitrual: Zoom
Contact: Marilyn Parrish
Email: marilyn.parrish@unt.edu
Phone: 940-565-2741