Blue Zone Ambassador Training

Date: 01/10/19
Time: 10:00am
Location: Gateway Center, Rm 43/47
Contact: Lucy Gafford
Phone: 940-891-6769

The Blue Zone Ambassador training will include a review of key terms within the neurodiversity paradigm, strengths of and barriers to the success of neurodivergent students in higher education, interaction strategies when working with these students, and UNT campus resources. This training will be application-based with vignette scenarios to facilitate discussion. Just like most situations, there is more than one way to approach an interaction; this training will provide you with these various perspectives to better inform how you choose to interact with individuals who are neurodivergent, whether it be students, colleagues, or supervisors. After this workshop you will have the opportunity to be designated a "Blue Zone Ambassador". The goal is to have Blue Zone Ambassadors throughout campus so that neurodivergent students can contact a Blue Zone Ambassador wherever they are on campus, if a problem may arise. Attendance will qualify you for continuing education credit through UNT's Human Resources department. Lunch will also be provided.

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