Math Placement

STEM majors with an entry level math placement are especially encouraged to apply to Early Start.  Algebra (MATH 1100) is offered for those who require or prefer a refresher before moving on to more advanced levels of math.

How is my math placement determined?

Upon admission, incoming UNT freshmen are initially given a mathematics placement level based on a combination of their high school class rank and SAT or ACT math scores.  If this placement is level one, or entry level,  you are especially invited to apply to Early Start. Note that should you successfully challenge this placement and become eligible to enroll in a more advanced math course (i.e. precalculus or calculus), you will need to enroll in Biology for Science Majors (BIOL 1710) or you will no longer be eligible for Early Start. Visit the UNT Math Department's website for more information about math placement.  If you intend to challenge your math placement, please speak with an Early Start staff member before applying to the program.  

How can I challenge my math placement?

There are two ways to improve your math placement.

  1. Students earning acceptable AP or Dual Language Credit may be able to enroll in higher level math courses.  Note that AP scores do not usually arrive before July.  If you accept a space in the Early Start program and enroll in a particular course for which you find out in July that you have earned credit, you will still need to finish the course. The final grade will count towards your GPA. If you anticipate earning credit for English or Math, please speak with an Early Start staff member before applying.  
  2. Students may sit for the Mathematics Placement Exam.  This exam is typically offered during New Student Orientation, though we encourage anyone interested in the Early Start program to take the test as soon as it becomes available online.  Please visit the UNT Mathematics website to learn more about Initial Math Placement for Incoming Freshmen.  Earning a higher math placement is certainly a reason to celebrate - you will be able to enroll in higher level math courses and will make greater progress towards completing your degree.  However, as it relates to this program, please keep in mind that placement into a higher math group will affect your ability to participate in Early Start.  If you plan to challenge your math placement, please speak with an Early Start staff member before applying.