Asian Pacific Islander Middle Eastern North African Network


This is the official website for the Asian, Pacific Islander, Middle-Eastern North African (API-MENA) Network .This is an employee resource group at the University of North Texas.

About the name

API-MENA: The name was voted on by the foundational group of interested member based on campus cohort names, and in relation to discussions on the various categorizations discussed around the U.S. Census and demographic data. A comparable term is APIDA, which is Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi-American.

Identification and Categorization: Categories can be helpful but imperfect. API-MENA Network does not claim to be the only avenue for engaging on campus or with identities under API-MENA, APIDA or other commonly used categories. The category is broad, and somewhat new. Members and non-members of UNT campus are welcome to create or join their own groups since there will be both overlapping and complete unique identities within these groups. We are just one option to engage and connect.


Participation is opt-in, and voluntary. Thank you for your interest and to our members so far!

Please complete the API-MENA Network membership form to join.