2017 Emeritus Recognition

Congratulations to the outstanding recipients of the honorary title, Emeritus for their many years of distinguished services to the University of North Texas.



Mr. Jerry Austin - Professor Emeritus

Studio Art

Mr. Jerry Austin joined the faculty of the University of North Texas in 1988.  Professor Austin has participated in over 150 shows of his work- in solo, invited, and group exhibitions in private galleries, centers, and museums. He has provided excellent and continuous service to the College of Visual Arts and Design "CVAD" in multiple key leadership roles, without which the College would have been far poorer. During his tenure, Professor Austin has materially helped build the reputation of the CVAD Ceramics program at the national level. Today the program is widely recognized, especially for its alternative wood firing processes.



Dr. Weston T. Borden - Professor Emeritus


Dr. Weston Borden was the first Robert A. Welch Professor of Chemistry at UNT. He held this position from his arrival on campus in 2004 to January 15, 2018.   Dr. Borden went on a Modified Service contract beginning in January 2015. Starting in 2010, he also had the title of Distinguished University Research Professor at UNT. Since joining the faculty at UNT in 2004, Professor Borden has published over 80 papers in first-rate journals. He also won three major research awards from the American Chemical Society (ACS) and he served as an Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Chemical Society; ACS's flagship journal.  During his time at UNT, Dr. Borden's research was supported by several grants from the National Science Foundation and the Robert A. Welch Foundation. Based on the student ratings for the graduate courses that Professor Borden taught from 2005 - 2014, he also proved to be one of the Chemistry Department's most outstanding teachers.



Dr. Neal Brand - Professor Emeritus


Dr. Neal Brand received his Ph.D. in 1978 from Stanford University, came to UNT in 1983, was tenured in 1998, and promoted to full professor in 1997. He was the department Chair from 1999 to 2007. He published 26 research articles and 4 works in mathematical education, including two textbooks. He directed 6 Ph.D. and 5 M.S. students. He has held grants from the National Science Foundation and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Prof. Brand has served the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, as its governor (2010-13), its chair (2007-08), and as an Executive Committee member (2001-09). In 2014, he received the association's Distinguished Service Award and in 2017 the Distinguished Teaching Professor Award.  Dr. Brand has been awarded several UNT teaching awards, including being named University Distinguished Teaching Professor, an honor he held from 2013 until his retirement in January 2017. He served on numerous departmental, college, and university committees during his tenure, including the Graduate Council and the College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Council.



Dr. Sue Bratton - Professor Emerita

Counseling and Higher Education

Dr. Sue Bratton began at UNT as an Assistant Professor in 1994, was promoted to Associate Professor in 2001 and to Professor in 2010. Over the past 24 years, she taught graduate courses with student evaluation scores consistently above the department mean - in a department with mean scores consistently above the college mean and in a college with mean scores nearly always above the university mean. As an author or co-author, Dr. Bratton has published more than 19 books, 29 book chapters, and 31 national and 5 state journal articles. She procured 12 national, 24 states, and 17 local external grants totaling over a half-million dollars.  As lead- or co-presenter, she presented 1 14 national, 5 regional, and 27 state refereed conference presentations and 57 national or international, 44 regionals, and 27 state invited professional presentations. Most of her publications, presentations, and grants involved her mentorship of graduate - mostly doctoral ­ students. She served as chair for over 30 completed Counseling Ph.D. students and served on the dissertation committees of dozens more. For 10 years she directed the Counseling Program’s Child and Family Resource Clinic, and since 2004 she has directed the Program’s world-renowned Center for Play Therapy, overseeing several conferences each year, regularly publishing academic resources for researchers, and hosting international scholars. She has been honored with 17 national, 1 state, and 12 local professional awards.



Dr. Lyndal M. Bullock - Professor Emeritus

Educational Psychology

Dr. Lyndal Bullock joined the UNT family as a faculty member in 1978 and continued in full-time employment until December 2015. In 1991, he was given the status of Regents Professor and he maintained that status until his retirement. During his tenure at UNT, he engaged in numerous scholarly activities (e.g., a significant number of refereed publications, significant leadership roles at the national and international levels through a various professional association, and regular invitations to present at national and international conferences) and generated in excess of $16 million of external funding to facilitate research, program development, and support of graduate scholars. In addition to coordinating the specialization area of emotional/behavioral disorders in the Department of Educational Psychology and serving as principal investigator for numerous external grants, he consistently taught a full teaching load, initiated recruitment plans for potential scholars, served as faculty advisor and mentor to a large number of graduate scholars, and assumed other responsibilities expected of full professors. Dr. Bullock served as the major advisor and dissertation chairperson for 78 doctoral scholars during his tenure at UNT. In addition, a few years ago he established a scholarship in the Department of Educational Psychology to help support the dissertation research of doctoral scholars majoring in special education.



Mr. Harlan Butt - Professor Emeritus

Studio Art

Mr. Harlan Butt joined UNT’s faculty 1976, was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 1982, and to Professor in 1988. Professor Butt provided important leadership and focus for the Metalsmithing and Jewelry program. During his tenure at UNT he raised the profile and reputation of the Metalsmithing and Jewelry program, and the Department of Art/College of Visual Art and Design regionally, nationally and internationally. Professor Butt participated in over 150 shows of his work – solo, invited, and group exhibitions – in private galleries, centers, and museums around the world. His artwork has been acquired by numerous private and public collections over the span of his forty-year career at UNT. Professor Butt served his discipline by providing leadership in many capacities, including as President of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, and President of the Enamellist Society. He was also named a Fellow of the American Crafts Council.



Ms. Susan Cheal - Professor Emerita

Studio Art

Ms. Susan Cheal joined UNT’s faculty in 2000 and was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 2005. Professor Cheal has taught all levels of Drawing and Painting at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at UNT. During her time teaching in the College of Visual Arts and Design, Professor Cheal was particularly invested in the Hybrid Forms class which she took on, developed, and nurtured. Her Hybrid forms class brought together students from disparate studio areas to explore new methodologies and materials for art-making in a truly cross-disciplinary way. Her contributions to CVAD’s curriculum ultimately preserved the context out of which our new media program would eventually emerge and helped pave the way towards our current culture of creative collaboration. Professor Cheal has had many solo exhibitions at the state, national and international levels in high-profile spaces, well-respected galleries, museums, or colleges and universities. Her artwork has been included in prestigious group exhibitions. She received numerous UNT funded grants. In 2007 Professor Cheal's artwork was included in the highly competitive publication New American Painting. She has been a visiting artist/guest lecturer at many important art centers and universities in America.



Dr. Teresa Conover - Professor Emerita


Dr. Teresa Conover joined UNT in 1989 as an Assistant Professor in the College of Business and was promoted to Professor in 2001. She was named the inaugural Paden Neeley Professor for Excellence in Teaching in the College of Business in 2009. During her tenure on the faculty, Dr. Conover served as a Director and President of Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting Honors Organization. She served as UNT’s representative to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Tuning Texas curriculum task force and chaired the THECB Tuning Business Council for the State of Texas. She has authored over 25 peer-reviewed publications in top-quality professional and academic journals, and she continues to publish. She has mentored over 50 Master’s and doctoral students in Accounting and other business disciplines to complete their advanced degrees. She has served roles in research grants and teaching grants with awards totaling over $500,000. Externally, she has represented UNT as a Visiting Scholar at the London School of Economics and as a Faculty in Residence at Ernst & Young, London. Professor Conover’s teaching abilities have been recognized by students, her colleagues, and the university administration with numerous teaching awards.



Dr. William Marc Cutright - Professor Emeritus

Counseling and Higher Education

Since joining UNT’s faculty as an Associate Professor in the Higher Education Program in Fall 2007, Dr. William Marc Cutright’s student evaluation scores have been excellent. In a program that has one of the highest doctoral production rates at UNT, Dr. Cutright is tied with another faculty member for chairing the most dissertations to completion - at least 19 since 2010 when the department began keeping our own records - and has served on numerous additional dissertation committees of completed doctorates. Dr. Cutright focused his scholarship on the advancement of higher education in Africa, and in 2016 he was named a Fulbright Scholar to conduct this work in Uganda, supported by a UNT Charn Uswachoke grant. A substantial contribution to UNT and the higher education profession has been Dr. Cutright's direction of the annual Texas Higher Education Law Conference which is held at UNT each spring. First under his co­ directorship then for the past several years under his sole directorship, the conference has drawn an average of 250 higher education administrators each year from across Texas who seek to learn the most current information regarding legal aspects of their jobs. The conference has regularly generated over $30,000 after expenses each year; of this amount, Dr. Cutright has allocated at least $20,000 to support Higher Education student scholarships.



Dr. Paul Dworak - Professor Emeritus

Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Dr. Paul Dworak is retiring in August 2017 from the College of Music after 38 years of service. He was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 1985, and promoted to Professor in 1997. As a teacher of required music theory courses, Professor Dworak interacted with nearly every student in the College of Music. Throughout his career, Professor Dworak’s teaching has been exemplary, and he was consistently forward-thinking in the area of curricular development. As a result of Professor Dworak’s accomplishments, he was recognized in 2014 with one of the university's highest honors, the University Distinguished Teaching Professorship. In addition to his teaching, Dr. Dworak focused his research in the area of technology and its impact on ear training for musicians. He published his work and gave countless numbers of presentations at symposia throughout the country. Professor Dworak also served as the Associate Dean for Operations in the College of Music for six years and also as UNT's Director of Compliance for eight years.



Dr. Thomas Evenson - Dean Emeritus

College of Health and Public Services

Dr. Thomas Evenson has made extraordinary contributions to the UNT and Denton communities.  He joined the UNT family as a faculty member in 1980, earning tenure in 1987. During his time as a faculty member and later as an administrator, Dean Evenson has been a tireless advocate for students in his college and is responsible, in large part, for the great success of the college’s advising office. He has given both his time and resources to UNT, working countless hours and establishing a scholarship to support students in the college. Dean Evenson was instrumental in the development of one of the first live-and-learn communities at UNT: UNT Serves. This successful residential community has resulted in thousands of hours of community service by its residents. He has served as Department Chair, Associate Dean, Special Assistant to the President, and Dean. Under his guidance and vision, the college was transformed from the College of Public Affairs and Community Service into an innovative College of Health and Public Service likely to achieve national prominence in the coming years. Dean Evenson has been a tireless public servant to his department, the college, the university, and the community as a whole for over 38 years.​



Mr. Vincent Falsetta - Professor Emeritus

Studio Art

Mr. Vincent Falsetta has been a UNT faculty member since 1977. He was tenured in 1984 and promoted to Professor in 1992.  Professor Falsetta’s paintings are in the collections of over 180 private, public, corporate, and museum collections, including the corporate and university collections of Exxon Corporation, Miami University, and Temple University. Professor Falsetta’s work is also part of the holdings of a number of museums, including the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. His paintings have been included in over 110 solos, invited, and/or group exhibitions in galleries and museums during his career at UNT. In 2007, Prof. Falsetta was a finalist in the prestigious Hunting Art Prize. Further, his work has been chronicled in 13 catalogs and essays and 2 books. Professor Falsetta taught across all levels of the Drawing and Painting curriculum and held enormously high expectations for his students. During his 40 year tenure at this university, Falsetta served numerous times as the coordinator for the Drawing and Painting program, the largest in the department of Studio Art. He was equally thoughtful and methodical in all of his service to the department, college, and university. Professor Falsetta's reputation as a painter and educator has raised the stature of the College of Visual Art and Design over his distinguished 40-year career.



Dr. Phillip Foster - Professor Emeritus

Engineering Technology

Dr. Phillip Foster joined UNT in 1982 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Industrial Technology, College of Arts and Sciences. He was instrumental in launching Engineering Technology in 1992, which in 2003 became one of the three founding departments of the College of Engineering. He served as Program Coordinator for securing and maintaining ABET Accreditation for the BS degrees in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology for 20 years. He is the single inventor and author of a U.S. Patent for his "Liquid Cooled Stirling Engine with a Segmented Rotary Displacer". The Foster Engine is sparking new research in green energy and waste heat recovery. In 2015 he was recognized for his record of teaching excellence with the honorable distinction of University Distinguished Teaching Professor. Dr. Foster has literally impacted thousands of students, many of whom are alumni in the DFW area.



Dr. Harland Hagler - Professor Emeritus


Dr. Harland Hagler was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Department of History in 1966 and received tenure in 1970. During a career of fifty-one years, Professor Hagler earned a reputation for excellence in teaching both as a popular instructor of undergraduate courses and as mentor or committee member to generations of graduate students. With enthusiasm and kindness, he imparted not just knowledge, but a love of history to his students, leading to many student testimonials and accolades. Professor Hagler's former student Bruce Marquis expressed his gratitude by establishing and funding the Hagler-Marquis History Scholarship. Professor Hagler’s teaching was also been recognized with numerous teaching awards. In addition to his teaching, Professor Hagler performed significant service for the department, the college, and the university, including service as Assistant Director of the Classic Learning Core Program (1987-1990) and as Associate Chair of the Department of History (1990-1995, 2002-2005, 2006-2016).



Mr. Frederick Hamilton - Professor Emeritus


Mr. Fred Hamilton is retiring from the University of North Texas, College of Music after 28 years of distinguished service. Professor Hamilton was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 1995, and promoted to Professor in 2001. As the jazz guitar specialist in the highly acclaimed Division of Jazz Studies, Professor Hamilton recruited exceptionally talented students from all over the world. His teaching at UNT has been consistently at the highest level, and in 1992 he was recognized with the 'Fessor Graham Award, which is awarded by the student body for professors who are judged on teaching excellence, unselfish service, and scholarly work. Professor Hamilton is nationally known for his pedagogical DVDs, and his own jazz guitar playing can be heard on innumerable recordings. Professor Hamilton's career as a teacher and musician has had an enormous impact on the education of our students and the international reputation of UNT’s jazz program.



Ms. Paula Homer - Professor Emerita

Jazz Studies

Ms. Paula Homer retired from the University of North Texas, College of Music after serving as the Director of Opera for 24 years. Professor Homer was tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in 1995, and promoted to Professor in 2001. She is known nationally as a creative, innovative opera director whose productions have been recognized with national awards. During her career, Professor Homer was invited to stage operas for companies throughout the United States that have included the Orlando Opera, Des Moines Metro Opera, and Amarillo Opera. While at UNT, Professor Homer directed over 100 productions that have entertained audiences throughout the Metroplex and garnered national recognition. Her productions of Argento’s   Postcard from Morocco and Britten's Albert Herring received First Place awards from the National Opera Association. In 2012, Professor Homer and selected opera students were invited to perform at the Annual Gala Concert of the Center for Contemporary Opera in New York City at the National Arts Club. This was an honor that reflects the high quality of Professor Homer's work and the accomplishments of the student singers in the College of Music. In 2013, the College of Music named Professor Homer as the first recipient of the Margot and Bill Winspear Endowed Chair for Opera Studies, a position she held until her retirement. Professor Paula Homer has distinguished herself as one of the leading experts in opera production, and her 24-year career at UNT was exemplary.​



Dr. James L. Marshall - Professor Emeritus


Dr. James Marshall became a chemistry faculty member UNT 50 years ago. At that time he joined the newly inaugurated Ph.D. program in the department, helping in its development while training and mentoring 9 doctoral and 4 Master’s candidates. His dedication to teaching is borne out by teaching awards received and by his developing innovative introductory chemistry laboratory programs in the 1970s and 1990s. After a brief stint in the industry in the 1980s, Professor Marshall returned to UNT in 1987 to offer a new experience in industry/academic liaisons, and he briefly served as Chair of two Departments - the Materials Characterization Group (the predecessor of the new Department of Materials Science and Engineering) and the Chemistry Department. Since the 1990s Prof. Marshall has been involved in the National Speaker's program of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and has delivered almost 100 lectures solely in this program. As a member of the American Chemical Society, he has been awarded Outstanding Award of the History Division (2004), has served as Managing Editor of The Southwest Retort (the ACS publication of the Southwest Region of the U.S.), and served on the advisory board of the History Division of the ACS. The research of Prof. Marshall has spanned several disciplines - organic chemistry, materials characterization, and history of chemistry, gaining numerous grants supporting this research during the past 50 years. In 2011, Prof. Marshall was elected a Fellow of the ACS.​



Dr. Alan McClung - Professor Emeritus

Jazz Studies

Dr. Alan McClung joined UNT’s faculty in 2002 and served as the Choral Music Education specialist at the University of North Texas College Of Music until the present. He was tenured in 2008. During his tenure at UNT, Professor McClung built a vibrant choral music education program that was admired by educators throughout the state and beyond. His research focused on the area of middle school choral music and was published in some of the discipline's most visible journals and presented at many national and state conferences. In addition to his research, Professor McClung was also a very active choral conductor, serving as an adjudicator and guest conductor at festivals and all-state events throughout the country. Of particular mention is the summer all-state program that Prof. McClung launched in 2006. Because of his efforts, hundreds of high school students came to UNT's campus in the summer, which served as an important recruitment strategy both for the College of Music and UNT. During his tenure, Professor McClung solidified himself as a national leader in the area of choral music education.



Mr. Edward B. Soph - Professor Emeritus

Jazz Studies

Mr. Edward Soph has had a distinguished career as Professor of Jazz Drumset in UNT's College of Music. He joined the faculty in 1988 and was tenured in 1996. He was promoted to Professor in 2007. Throughout his 30-year career at UNT, Professor Soph mentored countless numbers of jazz drummers, many of whom are considered to be among the elite jazz drummers in the field. Professor Soph's national profile as a percussionist was established not only through his recordings but also through his reputation as a highly acclaimed pedagogue. As a result of his significant contributions to the field, Professor Soph was honored by the Jazz Education Network and inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Percussive Arts Society.



Dr. Sandra Spencer - Professor Emerita


Dr. Sandra Spencer started her professional career at UNT as a Lecturer in the English department in 1996, a role that continued until her retirement in Spring 2016. She became director of the Women's Studies program in 2002 and under her leadership, the program became a major interdisciplinary player in the academic life of UNT students. Prof. Spencer led students on a number of studies abroad experiences, including the first such experience for Women's Studies students at UNT in 2004. At that time, it was one of only 9 programs nationally providing this opportunity. The extraordinary results in international and global education through her leadership of numerous Study Abroad programs were recognized in 2015 when UNT awarded her the Citation for Distinguished International Service. Her titanic mentoring power and efforts earned her the recognition of finalist for the Mentor of the Year Recognition Program, sponsored by the Women of Visionary Influence (WOVI). At a national level, Prof. Spencer has been an active member of the National Women's Studies Association, the Denton Branch of the American Association of University Women, and Peacemakers Inc. Furthermore, she has also served on the UNT Castleberry Peace Institute and Contemporary Arab and Muslim Cultural Studies Initiative boards. Her administrative position as director of the Women's and Gender Studies program did not stop Prof. Spencer from professional writing and a busy activity as the keynote speaker and participant in numerous local, regional, and national events and professional conferences.