New Programs or Changes to Existing Programs

As of fall 2018, the creation of new degree programs will follow a university-wide schedule. The schedule and process are noted below. Please choose the appropriate form based on the program’s classification (undergraduate and master’s, or doctoral) and the accompanying budget form. Please send completed proposals and budget forms to Elizabeth Vogt at 940.369.5288,

Forms for Requesting a New Program or Changes to an Existing Program:

Budget Forms and Instructions:

Please direct Budget Form questions to Elizabeth Vogt, Director of University Accreditation, 940-369-5288 ,

WHEN TO USE THESE FORMS: Use these forms when: (a) creating a new degree/standalone certificate (online, face-to-face, or hybrid); (b) adding a concentration to a degree (only required if the concentration significantly changes the degree in its current form); (c) consolidating degrees; (d) closing a degree or certificate; (e) increasing/decreasing SCH for a degree/certificate; (f) changing a CIP code; (g) changing program modality to more than 50% electronically delivered, e.g. online, video conferencing, etc.; (h) entering into a collaborative academic arrangement that includes the initiation of a dual/joint program; (i) offering a degree or certificate program at an offsite location; (j) initiating a direct assessment competency-based educational program; (k) renaming a degree/certificate; (l) creating a Grad Track pathway (a copy of the Grad Track application should be attached to this form); (m) changing the name of a college/academic department; (n) moving degree/certificate programs between colleges/departments; (o) moving departments to other colleges; or (p) creating/closing a department/college.

Additional Resources: