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Get Involved!

Do you provide an opportunity for your students to engage in experiential learning in a “real-world” setting? Do your programs and projects allow students to develop their communication, critical thinking, and/or teamwork skills in a co-curricular setting? If you have an idea and want to provide a Connect opportunity to your students, we can help transition the activity into Connect!

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Get Started in the ePortfolio

To learn more about the ePortfolio and how it works with Career Connect request your account or view one of our tutorials on the website.  You can also reach any member of our team.

Benefits of Connect

A Career Connect activity offers students an opportunity to engage in real-life experiences in curricular and/or co-curricular settings. Every UNT student already has access to a wide range of these existing activities including internships, volunteer work, research projects, study abroad trips, etc.  With Career Connect, as students complete these experiential activities, important skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking can be evaluated. Additionally, students are able to integrate the work with their other experiences by reflecting and identifying the skills they build as a result of these activities- all to prepare them with marketable skills for careers and graduate degrees. 


What resources are available?
  • If you are interested in getting involved or just need to know how to get started, contact Meena Naik at
  • Would you like to see examples of projects and how Career Connect was incorporated? Check our project examples.
  • Curious about how skills are assessed? You can view the Career Connect rubrics here.
  • If you have students who need assistance with their ePortfolio, they can visit our office hours in the GAB, room 207. Additionally, the UNT Subject Librarians are happy to meet with students to discuss how to get started in the ePortfolio or make sure they understand how to complete their ePortfolio requirement.
  • If you would like us to present to your organization or department, email us at and let us know when, where, and what you would like us to review. 


Oral Communication Badge

What can get badged?

Any co-curricular program requirement that includes all of the following can allow a student to get badged in one of the Career Connect skill areas:

  • Integrates students’ ePortfolio use into a student experience
  • Requires students to develop a product or activity that can be observed, rated, and reflected upon
  • Requires students to reflect on their learning activity and product by providing answers to Career Connect reflection statements
  • Integrates student learning in one or more of the following skills: written communication, oral communication, teamwork, or critical thinking
  • Develops an outcome or program that involves real-life experiences (experiential learning) and may include a community partnership benefiting both students and the community partner

If students accumulate these badges across their curricular and co-curricalar experiences, it allows them to gain a credential that would appear on an alternative transcript. This credential achievement would have a direct link to your activity as well as the other projects that got them to this point. Learn more about badges here