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The Women and Gender Studies department partnered with Career Connect and Denton County Friends of the Family during the Fall of 2018. The blended courses of 5800 & 4260: Gender and Globalization hosted a canned food drive as part of a service learning project benefiting  families who seek services at DCFOF. Each year DCFOF helps ensure that 600 moms and children have a meal on Thanksgiving. 

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Lumina Foundation Grant

The University of North Texas and North Central Texas College are working together to develop a Comprehensive Learner Record and address the transferring of marketable skill evidence between institutions as part of the Lumina Foundation Grant. Representatives from both institutions recently met with national experts to further discuss the project.

Career Connect is a campus-wide initiative that works with every UNT department and community partners to help UNT students' recognize and showcase their marketable skills.

High impact experiences lead to marketable skills!

What is Career Connect? While at UNT, students have a variety of opportunities, both in the classroom and through co-curricular activities, to develop and document marketable skills.  Career Connect helps faculty and staff provide these high-impact, experiential learning experiences and helps students connect these experiences to the important skills they developed. Students are also given access to the tools to track showcase their marketable skills for their future careers and graduate degrees.

Why an ePortfolio? When students, faculty, and staff leverage the UNT Connect ePortfolio to support these experiences, it amplifies their impact. The ePortfolio makes it easier to collect evidence from these experiences, showcase student artifacts, share their outcomes, and validate marketable skills. The Career Connect ePortfolio provides a next generation resource for students to document and share their real world experience as well as showcase their verified skills. This resource is free for all UNT students and access to this platform stays with all students who graduate from UNT for life.

New for 2019-2020 Academic Year: Career Connect is expanding to include four more top marketable skills: empirical and quantitative, social responsibility, leadership and personal responsibility. These skills align with the skills assessed by UNT core courses and have been determined as valuable to employers.  

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