UNT Learner Record Launch | Spring 2020

UNT Career Connect partnered with Badgr to develop a tool that helps students collect, document, and share learning experiences.

This semester, select UNT students are trying the Learner Record. Besides being the first at UNT, these students are among the first in the nation to explore the use of learner records in college! The goal is to become familiar with the various functions of the Learner Record and provide feedback to improve the experience. The spring 2020 launch paves the way for other UNT students using the Learner Record because it officially rolls out to all UNT students in fall 2020!

Why does the Learner Record matter?

Students’ time at UNT is important. They complete coursework, participate in new experiences, join extra-curricular activities, and so much more. Yet, the academic transcript does not capture all the learning that occurs across experiences because final grades only communicate so much. By the time students are nearing the end of their undergraduate academics, they may struggle to remember the experiences that helped them get to where they are now and how those experiences assist them in determining what the next chapter is. 

The Learner Record was developed to help students:

  1. Document learning across unique experiences
  2. Signal to students what opportunities exist to further develop marketable skills, &
  3. Provide evidence of what student achievements while in college at UNT!

This is important because employers say they value the demonstration of marketable skills in their job candidates.

The Learner Record = UNT verified evidence of marketable skills!