Faculty and staff who implement a Connect activity will utilize one or all of Career Connect's rubrics. Each rubric contains four to five questions and provides a rating for each question on a scale of 1 (beginning) to 4 (distinguished). Training on using these rubrics is available through our office.

Rating Scale: 1=beginning, 2=developing, 3 = proficient, and 4=distinguished, NA=not applicable

Written Communication 1 2 3 4 NA
Main idea is well-developed and thought provoking.          
Organization includes topic sentence, intentional transition, and content cohesion.          
Content is thoroughly developed.          
Disciplinary conventions were applied with no errors.          
Evidence is high quality, credible, and relevant to main idea.          


Oral Communication 1 2 3 4 NA
Central message is compelling.          
Posture, gestures, and vocal expressiveness enhance the message.          
Language (e.g., vocabulary, sentence structure) supports effectiveness of the message.          
Explanation and examples support the clarity and credibility of message.          


Teamwork 1 2 3 4 na
Benefits the team by contributing ideas and work that advance the project.          
Contributes to project planning and management.          
Fosters collaboration by valuing the contributions of all team members.          
Supports and motivates the team and helps to create a constructive team climate.          
Responds to feedback or conflict in a way that reflects mutual respect.          


Critical Thinking Skills 1 2 3 4 na
Describes the problem, question, or issue comprehensively.          
 Examines and questions the accuracy, relevance, and completeness of evidence.          
Considers context, assumptions, other perspectives, and credibility and authority of sources.          
Justifies own argument, position, or hypothesis.          
Presents conclusions and outcomes that are logical.